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Thumb Candy is the digital studio division of B17 Entertainment (Fluffy’s Food Adventures, Broke A$$ Game Show). We have assembled a group of forward-thinking video and graphic artists equipped with cutting-edge technology to customize content for mobile and digital distribution. Thumb Candy teams with leading digital and mobile-first content platforms to provide quality content and current partnerships include Facebook, Snap, Fullscreen, Complex and Fuse Digital.




NOW CASTING: Make Up or Break Up

We are seeking couples at a crossroad in their relationship for a groundbreaking new series that helps couples make the critical decision: should they make up or break up?

Selected couples will be filmed in front of a small studio audience as they meet with our relationship expert. They’ll share their life together, through a series of filmed packages and brief chats in order to come to the right decision. Breakups are rough, but making the decision is the hardest part. We could all use some outside perspective when figuring out whether to stay or go.

Apply Now:

NOW CASTING: Untitled Cooking Show

Has a family recipe you once cherished been lost with the passing of a loved one?

Would you give anything to be able to recreate and taste that dish again?

If you’re fun, daring and eager to get that recipe back come be a part our new cooking format.

Please send a video telling us WHO you want to reconnect with and WHAT recipe you want to obtain.

Also let us know if you are an L.A. native.

Male or Female / Featured / All Ethnicities / 18 – 30


NOW CASTING: Fashion Competition Show

Seeking young female fashionistas/wardrobe stylists ages 18-25 for a totes fresh new reality competition show!

You’ll have the chance to strut your swag in front of MILLIONS on one of the world’s most popular digital outlets!

We’re not looking for off-the-rack copycats, but seriously original tastemakers who are not afraid to take RISKS in the name of fashion.

RULES TO APPLY: Submit a 30 sec. to 2 min. video shot vertically on a smart phone to Explain who you are, describe your unique sense of style and walk us through 3 of your looks. Also provide head-to-toe pictures of you rocking some of your favorite gear.